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Do you really know

the cars you [aspire to] own?

Ever wonder... Audi even a German word?

...what one item is used to test Corvette's practicality? did Mercedes get into the name of the first car brand?

...which story of the BMW Roundel is true? What's a Roundel?

...what are the 2 design elements all Porsche models must have?

Want to grow your car knowledge?

The Automotive Essence Blog explores what true car fans should know

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Do you love automotive design?

Check out these Design Essentials infographics

The Automotive Essentials...

...separate the great car brands

...are known by true car fans

The automobile is an endangered species

We were both born in the late 1970s, witnessing so many brands retired in our short lifetimes saddens us. There are countless entertaining stories of so many beloved brands. Many of these stories are at risk of being lost or even worse, not fully leveraged for the benefit of each respective brand and the industry as a whole.


We believe the stories we have enjoyed curating are worth sharing to celebrate all that represents the automobile.  What started as research into our curiosities of the origin of several hood ornaments, or "marques", quickly snowballed into the 12 Automotive Essentials methodology.  Our methodology is a guide for what makes a truly great automotive brand, and we hope will extend its survival.

We started Automotive Essence, LLC in 2006 to preserve history, display what makes a truly great automotive brand, and celebrate the car.

The Automotive Essence founders

Jared & Jim quickly realized upon meeting at The University of Iowa

how long they had each been studying cars.

A great friendship was immediately formed and countless hours discussing, researching and writing about cars have transpired since


Founders, Jared (left) & Jim (right) next to a 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition

at the Dahl Automotive Museum in La Crosse, WI

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