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GREAT automakers deliver the

12 Automotive Essentials™

After years admiring countless automobiles,

we strongly believe that all automakers build cars,

but GREAT automakers...

The Motivation

We were both born in the late 1970s, witnessing so many brands retired in our short lifetimes saddens us. There are countless entertaining stories of so many beloved brands. Many of these stories are at risk of being lost or even worse, not fully leveraged for the benefit of each respective brand and the industry as a whole.


We believe the stories we have enjoyed curating are worth sharing to celebrate all that represents the automobile.  What started as research into our curiosities of the origin of several hood ornaments, or "marques", quickly snowballed into the 12 Automotive Essentials methodology.  Our methodology is a guide for what makes a truly great automotive brand, and we hope will extend its survival.

We started Automotive Essence, LLC in 2006 to preserve history, display what makes a truly great automotive brand, and celebrate the car.

The Founders

Jared Wickus

A great car, gives me the freedom to explore the world with the company of others or alone with the road

Headshot - Kelly, Jim - 2019.08.15.jpg

Jim Kelly

"Car", my first word spoken &

favorite topic of conversation ever since

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