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Why cars?

As any boy growing up I had a fondness for cars and trucks – or anything with four wheels.  I can still remember going on errands with my mom and always wanting another Matchbox or Hot Wheel car as a ‘reward’ for putting in my time.  Christmas and birthday gifts were also loaded up with car related items.


For me the interest went not just into having a lot of toy cars, but also knowing what type and model they were.  Some received special treatment, while others were tarnished and thrown.  For those that received the special treatment I made sure they survived every wreck or imaginary situation I threw at them.  My rally Audi UR Quattro and my Mercedes 500 SEC AMG were always the hero cars.


As I grew older my parent's selection of cars became more of a defining element of my early childhood.  We lived in the country and had a steep driveway which demanded four-wheel drive.  It started in 1984 with my dad’s first purchase of an Audi 4000s Quattro.  This began our lineage with Audi.  The ability of those cars to conquer our driveway and other conditions began my fascination with the automobile and their capabilities.

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What cars have you experienced?

Growing up with Audis has given me a great affinity towards the brand.  Starting in high school my first car was a 1987 Audi 5000s Quattro.  It was a straight 5-cylinder with a manual transmission.  I learned a great deal of respect for driving a manual transmission early on with my parent’s vertical driveway.  This car also survived my teenage driving throughout high school, which is no small feat.


Since then my car ownership has been a laundry list of Audi’s:  1993 Audi 100, 1996 Audi A6, 2004 Audi A6 s-line, and another 2004 Audi A6 s-line.  And just-for-fun opposites: a 2004 Mini Cooper and a 2007 Suburban LTZ.


My other experiences have run the gamut.  I find excitement in the rarity of being able to drive an exotic like Ferrari or Bentley.  However, some of the cars that are equally interesting are those with a great story attached to them.  Trucks with more rust than paint because the owner finds it a challenge to keep it running, to the well cared for high miler looking to see the next 100,000 tick by on the odometer. 

What do you hope to accomplish with this website?

My passion for cars comes from seeing something which has for over 100 years made an impact on our human existence and society.  Every one of us can identify what a car is, but it is my hope that through this website people can come to understand what a car means.  Automotive Essence is just that – the essence of what it means to relate to the automobile.

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