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Automotive Essentials Explained

After years admiring countless automobiles, we strongly believe that all automakers build cars but, GREAT automakers...



...make heads turn with consistently designed models



...entice buyers to make the second largest purchase of their lives following their home



...bring their vehicles to life on the big screen placed as characters in TV and film



...inspire copycats where competitors mimic a great brand's products or design cues



...exceed their own expectations making their own great cars even better with performance product lines



...enable a depreciating asset to become worthy of collecting



...earn fans who feel called to make pilgrimage to the brand's own headquarters



...impact history producing icons noted in culture



...create products admired as pieces of art for innovative design and artist appeal



...instigate their customers to take their vehicles on adventures to travel destinations or heralded locations



...create memories for their customers when vehicles become bonding focal points



...make more than just cars...every day



We have determined there are 12 ways an automotive brand can demonstrate its market prowess and many accomplish all 12 Automotive Essentials.  Those brands that haven't seen such success can be guided. 


Automotive Essence, where cars are curated and celebrated.  The stories included on this site are the basis for a 12 part book series currently in development.  Stay tuned for more details and we hope you enjoy what we have to share with you here.


Jim Kelly, Jr. & Jared Wickus


Co-founders of Automotive Essence, LLC

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