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Only The 1st Car Manufacturer Could Have A Car Commercial This Great

All the makings of a great Super Bowl ad, but few brands have the depth and breadth over such a long tenure to make a statement like Mercedes- Benz did with this 2014 Super Bowl television ad.

Cameo celebrity appearance... Diddy... check!

Poignent music... "Mercedes- Benz" by Janis Joplin... check!

Vehicles old and new... too many to count but the covered the range... check!

Demonstrating brand value as much as possible... cram as many vehicles the brand has and can produce... check!

Mercedes-Benz as made a solid impression for the brand with this video. Did they even need to have this video, don't people already realize this? Never hurts to remind people especially when you have so much to remind people.

Here's the video... enjoy!

They even referenced the very first car in history...just a Benz before combining forces with Daimler... the Benz Motorwagen of 1886.

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