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Does Buyer's Bliss Actually Exist?

Through life we have interactions with folks that seem to only scratch the surface. Even with family we have known all of our lives we typically only talk about what is going on day to day, but we don’t often learn what drives their motivations, thoughts, and interests. We may know that someone has a particular interest or hobby, or something about their job, or even how they spend portions of their free time, but the answer as to why often remains unknown. In the end, do we really know who they are, what inspires them, what fills their thoughts, and how they see the world?

An aspect of our calling

We love cars and not like ooh I love that shirt, it's part of our identity, a calling. One of the primary intentions of this site is to capture the stories behind automotive brands, the ones still in production and especially those come and gone. In addition to this first purpose, we feel equally compelled to document the stories of those people close to us personally and those in the world intriguing to us as well. Since we love cars we will use the automobile as the lens to learn how their lives have involved cars, how they perceive cars, and how cars have shaped them. One of the twelve Automotive Essentials of a great automotive brand is successfully creating vehicles that people actually want to seek out and collect which we are cataloguing in our Automotive Essential channel “Collect”. The cars chosen to be collected and those doing the collecting are equally interesting. We want to write about why they pick the cars so we will be interviewing those we have in mind in a series of posts we have titled, “Buyer’s Bliss”.

How the series will be formatted

The format of the “Buyer’s Bliss” series is similar to a series on called “How I Work”, which is one of my favorite websites and article series. is a great spot to find tips and tricks to be successful in life. “How I Work” is a collection of interviews with a variety of interesting people with unique methods of productivity and personal effectiveness. I am routinely searching for more How I Work interviews to read. How I Work Interview with Chevrolet Chief Engineer Ron Arnesen

The format in the “How I Work” posts and similarly for “Buyer’s Bliss”, will introduce the interviewee and will then work through a familiar set of interview questions asked of each person. Since each article asks the same list of questions, the answers, unique to the interviewee make me excited to see how the next person answers the questions. Our series “Buyer’s Bliss” will follow a similar format to “How I Work” in nature as being a Q&A style, but the content is on the one car the interviewee has had the most joy owning. We will cover some questions that will be consistent across all interviews and a few that are contextually relevant to the person being interviewed. But the primary focus will be to uncover why a particular car was worth collecting and what that car or cars in general mean to the owner.

Where our series is headed

So who’s on our list? Of course, there is my father, Jim Sr. and my father-in-law Tom. My uncle Mike who has spent his career in the automotive sales industry. My family friend Mike who also spent his career in the automotive world, but in the sales incentive program niche. I look forward to learning about my friend and co-author Jared as well as his father Gary. Those are just a few right off the top of my head of people in my life. Then there are those more well-known in the world. It would be interesting to hear from someone like Jay Leno, who may have one of the largest collections of cars, but which one car would be his favorite and why, and why he even became so interested in cars. Other actors and leaders, athletes, musicians, artists would be great to learn more about them and a portion of their identity as connected to a car. If we only capture the stories in a single place for those closest to Jared and I, we will be grateful and successful in accomplishing our objective. We look forward to curating and celebrating cars and their collectors through “Buyer’s Bliss”.

We hope you enjoy this series. If you have someone in mind send us an email ( so we can talk about it.

Thank you,

Jared & Jim

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