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Mercedes-Benz AMG On A Boat?

Mercedes-Benz AMG & Cigarette offshore racing

Mercedes-Benz's attention to detail in the engineering of their cars helps set them apart from so many auto manufacturers that strive to match not only the quality, but also the allure that the name Mercedes brings. The world of Cigarette-style offshore racing boats certainly doesn't need any help grabbing attention. However, Mercedes-Benz high performance tuning group, AMG, saw an opening to bring in an audience that may not have had any affiliation to the offshore racing sport which and both may benefit sharing design and cross-promotion.

The result of this partnership...the Mercedes-Benz AMG Cigarette Racing boat.

Ezra Dyer rides Mercedes- Yahoo Video Link

These two entities have partnered up since late 2009 when they announced their intent to unveil something designed together which would carry the AMG name for engineering and sport design adapted to the Cigarette racing boat form.

Those familiar with Mercedes-Benz, in particular the story of Gottlieb Daimler, who believed strongly that his engines were worthy of sea, air, and land, would wonder why did this AMG-Cigarette boat stop with AMG only providing the styling design, but should fast forward to 2013.

Mercedes-Benz & Silver Arrow Marine

It would have made more sense, given the heritage of Mercedes-Benz, for AMG to have executed a boat beyond just styling it. In partnership with Silver Arrows Marine, Mercedes-Benz did just that

Silver Arrows Marine, is a fitting name for this pursuit. Those who are familiar with international auto racing history might know that a "silver arrow" is the description given to early German race cars as they were traditionally painted silver to be identified in racing events, as British race cars were painted "British racing green". Silver Arrows Marine is a fitting name for a luxury yacht maker inspired by Mercedes-Benz luxury and performance.

Perhaps the years of partnership with Cigarette Racing helped warm the waters for a partnership with Silver Arrows Marine to pursue a luxury yacht much closer to the Mercedes-Benz style, performance, and execution.

Video Credit: DPCars

In concept design since 2013 with boat building company Silver Arrows Marine, the recently unveiled Arrow460-Granturismo is the result. Daimler would likely be very proud. A careful observer might see in the lines of the yacht the lines of both modern and vintage Mercedes-Benz vehicles a very successful feat.

Thank you,

Jared & Jim

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