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What Makes a British Car Collectible?

With so many great brands available why collect a British car brand?

We visited with several collectors at the 2018 British Car Fayre in Downtown Norcross, Georgia and learned from them directly why they are so enamored with the British cars. There were certainly more gems to count at this great event and we heard so many stories to help answer the question.

This was our our very first video production. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Making cars worthy of collecting is just one of the 12 Automotive Essentials of a great car brand. Check out our website where we explore all 12 Automotive Essentials of great car brands.

A big thank you to Edna Berkshire, founder of the British Car Fayre, for offering us the opportunity to interview and film at the event. But most importantly for all she does for the city of Norcross and the automotive community. Check out their site:

We appreciated the opportunity to meet with John McMillan and his 1948 MG TC as well as Bill Corn and his 1980 TR7 and hear their stories they shared.

Another big thank you to Rob Rainey for his guidance, expertise, and video production efforts. Check out his site:

Thanks to Don Hooper for his help with capturing the audio. And also, Michael Reuter and Jill Kelly for joining us that day to support our efforts. We couldn't have done this without you all and it was a very fun day together.

Jim & Jared


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